What is Yakka Day ?

Yakka Day provides young Aboriginal and disadvantaged young people at risk of not completing school, the chance to TRY-A-SKILL. They learn more about various occupations and get hands on experience by trying some of the skills used in your particular job.

Career related learning helps young people to make the connection between education and work. It encourages them to think about their present and future roles in family, as workers and community members.

Activities provided by employers serve as a hands on introduction to various trades and occupations.

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Why Yakka Day?

Yakka Day encourages young people to think about their future and the importance of education for getting a job.

Employers provide:

Hands on activities

Information and advice about your job,

Reinforce the importance of staying at school or going on to further training.

Yakka Day provides students guidance about a wide variety of employment opportunities

Parents, grandparents and/or caregivers are also invited and their involvement has proved very successful.

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